Jewellery Collection
by Polina Pidtsan and Axenoff Jewellery

Architect and interior designer Polina Pidtsan’s interiors are inspired by Art Deco aesthetics. Together with famous Russian jeweller Petr Axenoff, who admits to be deeply influenced by design and architecture, she created the Cameo collection. The main theme of the collection are in fact classical cameos interpreted in Art Deco style. The collection includes pieces made with precious metals decorated with pearls and cameos hand-crafted out of precious and semi-precious stones. Those pieces combine fluidity of Art Deco architecture, reinterpreted by Polina Pidtsan, with elegance and beauty characteristic of Axenoff Jewellery creations. The collection was presented to the public in lavish interiors of the historical Saltykov-Chertkov’s mansion in Moscow in October 2019.

Architect Polina Pidtsan

Gargon Earrings sterling silver, blue topaz, pearls, cameo

Triumphal Arch brooch sterling silver, white topaz, blue topaz

Lady Mary Crowley earrings and choker sterling silver, white topaz, green agate, pearls

Miranda Earrings sterling silver, white topaz, pearls, cameo

Aslan earrings and pendant sterling silver, white topaz, black onyx, cameo

Tender Night choker sterling silver, white topaz, blue topaz, pearls